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  • CS/SS/wear-resisting plates cladding
  • SAW: open-arc cladding process; accessible to match with LincolnNA-5 control box
  • GOUGING: carbon arc air gouging process
  • GMAW: cladding process [1.2/1.6]
  • Dual-station GMAW process, dual wire feeder work separately with no interference
  • Dual-station GOUGING process, matching with automatic carbon arc air gouging  equipment
  • Paralleling two positive outputs to realize single-station high-current gouging  function
  • Automation interfaces: easy to realize automation
  • Analog switch, setting potentiometer, and analog interface for matching with  automation; actual current and voltage analog signal output, successful arc striking  contact signal
  • Wire diameter: 1.2-1.6mm for gas shielded welding, over 2.0mm for FCAW-S
  • Digital operation interface; for dual-station operation, current and voltage can be  controlled separately, actual current and voltage can be displayed separately
  • Supplying power for automation matched low-power equipment: 250W, AC110V
  • Adjustable gas pre-flow time, gas post-flow time, burn back time and slow wire  feeding speed for GMAW process
  • Intelligent fan control technology; Eco design;
  • Protection against overheat, over-current, over-voltage, output short-circuiting and  others; error code display


Technical Specification

Rated input voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA) 76
Rated input current (A) 105
Duty cycle (40℃) 100@630A*2
OCV (V) 95
Adjustable current range (A) 630A*2
Adjustable voltage range (V) 22-44
Wire size (mm) 1.2-1.6/1.6-3.0
Protection class IP21S
Insulation class H
Dimension (mm) 770*350*800
Weight (kg /lb) 115/253.5


ASAW 1000 II.jpg



Standard Equipments

  • 1 Power source
  • 1 Connected primary cable L=3m
  • 2 Ground cable L=5m
  • 2 Wirefeeder cable L=5m
  • 2 wirefeeder
  • 2 MIG/MAG torch
  • 1 Control cable L=16m