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  • Generator powering;
  • Full closed type wire feeding mechanism; welding processes and  welding parameters can be selected on the panel of wire feeder;
  • The multi-process welding machine equips multiple pipeline welding  processes;
  • This welding machine is the one who enjoys the most complete  functions among the domestic pipeline welding machines;
  • It adopts independent wind channel structure design, and can be used  normally in – 40℃ environment;
  • LST(solid wire)/MT(metal core wire) low-spatter rapid root welding  functions enjoy strong adaptability to stick-out length, without interferance caused by multi-pass welding on the same workpiece at the  same time;
  • PCB is processed with three-proofing lacquer; the drive board is  processed with rubbert for protection;
  • IP23 class protection and H class insulation;
  • Protection against overheat, over-current, over-voltage/under-voltage.


Technical Specification

Rated input voltage /frequency (V/Hz) 3 phase,AC380V±15%,50/60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA) 30
Rated input current (A) 45.6
Rated duty cycle (%) 60
Output current adjustment range (A) 20~500
Output OCV voltage (V) 91
The adjustment range of arc force in MMA 0~99 The recommended value 40
The arc starting adjustment range in MMA 0.0~2.0 The recommended value 1.0
Applied wire diameter (mm) Ф0.9, Ф1.0, Ф1.2, Ф2.0
Dimension (mm) 615*360*460
Weight (kg/lb) 48/105.8
Insulation class H
Gas flow (L/min) 15~20



Standard Equipments

  • 1 Connected primary cable L=3m
  • 1 Ground cable L=14m with quick plug
  • 1 Welding cable L=14m with electrode holder and quick plug
  • 1 Flux-cored welding torch L=3m
  • 1 Digital Wire feeder with 14m cable and Europe connection
  • 1 Voltage feedback cable with clamp L=3.5m