ACUT series is invented for professional use in heavy duty application. ACUT power source can be used for manual cutting with HF ignition to provide best arc start and avoid defect in arc start process. ACUT series can show best result for cutting steel with thickness up to 55 mm.

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  • Excellent cutting ability: Concentrated energy ensures  smooth and neat cutting surface
  • Multiple protection: Ensuring stable operation of air  compressor
  • CNC interface: CNC interface and multiple functions make it  enjoy great popularity
  • Outstanding cut thickness: As for carbon steel cutting, an  edge starts is appicable for no more than 40mm, a pierce  starts is applicable for no more than 20mm.
  • Long-cable cutting torch: up to 15m
  • Easy arc starting: The maximum arc starting height is 10mm


Technical Specification

Rated input voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50 /60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA) 34
Rated input current (A) 55
Duty cycle (40℃) 100%@200A
OCV (V) 350
Arc ignition method Special HF
Output current rang (A) 30-200
Maximum cutting thickness (mm) 60
Clean cut thickness (mm) 1-30
Air pressure (Mpa) 0.4-0.55
Water flow rate (L/min) ≥1.4
Protection class IP21S
Insulation class H
Dimension (mm) 720*330*630
Weight (kg /lb) 58/128.1





Standard Equipments

  • 1 Power source
  • 1 Connected primary cable L=3m
  • 1 Ground cable L=3m
  • 1 Pressure-reducing valve
  • 1 Plasma torch
  • 1 Water cooler 20L