• The battery charge and discharge current up to 240A
  • Off-grid peak power can reach twice of rated power(15S)
  • High control precision in Self-use mode
  • Battery side high frequency transformer isolation, safe and reliable
  • Support 3 phase unbalanced output



Model Name AEP-8KS48P3 AEP-10KS48P3 AEP-12KS48P3
Battery input data
Battery Type Lithium or lead acid battery
Rated battery voltage (V) 48
Maximum charging voltage (V) ≤60 (Configurable)
Maximum charge/discharge current (A) 190 210 240
PV input data
Maximum DC input power (kw) 16 20 24
Maximum DC input voltage (V) 1000
MPPT Operating voltage range (V) 150~800
Starting voltage (V) 350
Maximum input current (A) 18/18 36/18 36/18
MPPT number 2 2 2
AC output parameters (On-Grid)
Maximum output apparent power (W) 8800 11000 13200
Rated output voltage (V) 400
Rated output frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz
Max output current (A) 13.3 16.7 20
Output power factor ~1 (0.8 leading~+0.8lagging)
AC output parameters(Off-Grid)
Rated output apparent power (VA) 8000 10000 12000
Maximum output apparent power (VA) 16000,15sec 20000,15sec 24000,15sec
Rated output voltage (V) 400 (±2%)
Rated output frequency (Hz) 50/60 (±0.2%)
Max output current (A) 11.6 14.5 17.4
Max efficiency (PV) 98%
Max efficiency (Battery) 94.5%
Europe efficiency 97.5%
DC reverse-polarity protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Residual current detection Yes
Output over current protection Yes
Output over voltage protection Yes
Insulation resistance monitoring Yes
Surge protection Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
Islanding protection Yes
Temperature protection Yes
Integrated DC switch Yes
Basic data
Operation temperature (°C) -25~60
Storage temperature (°C) -30~65
Relative humidity 0~95%
Working altitude (m) ≤4000
Cooling Air cooling
Noise (db) <25
Weight (Kg) 38
Size (width x height x depth) (mm) 475*683*256
Protection class IP66
Topology HF isolation (Battery side)