Multi-process SAW/GOUGING/MMA

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  • Multi-process: SAW, Gouging, and MMA
  • Double characteristics: The SAW process enjoys double characteristics of CC and CV, which is adaptive to multiple application  scenarios
  • Compatible with 115V wire feeding mechanism: capable of  matching with Lincoln NA-5 and other control boxes to achieve  compatibility and matching operation of the product
  • Multiple working conditions: Thick wire, thin wire, open-arc  flux-cored wire, and others can be applied for the SAW process
  • Welding automation interface: RS485 digital and analog interfaces design, extremely easy to realize welding automation by  matching with automation equipment
  • Fault self-diagnosis function, error code display
  • High duty cycle: 100% duty cycle


Technical Specification

ASAW1000 IIz ASAW1250 IIz
Rated input voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA) 60 69
Rated input current (A) 76 105
Rated duty cycle (%) 100
Rated OCV (V) 88 94
Output current range (A) 60A~1000A 60A~1250A
Output voltage range (V) 22.4V~44V
Protection class IP21S
Insulation class H
Dimension (mm) 788*366*815 788*366*846
Weight (kg /lb) 95/209.8 100/220.9


ASAW 1000 II.jpg



Standard Equipments

  • 1 Power source
  • 1 Connected primary cable L=3m
  • 2 Ground cable L=5m
  • 2 Welding cable L=15m
  • 1 Control cable L=16m