AT-XZ Welding Smoke Purifier

AT-XZ Welding Smoke Purifier



Advantages of equipment:

  • It enjoys high safety and stable operating performance because it adopts a specialized turbine, an imported brand’s motor, and an anti-overloaded circuit to prevent the motor from burning out.
  • Jet cleaning device: Do ash removal after manually disassembling the filter cylinder or connect with the air compressor for semi-automatic ash removal
  • Taking advantage of the universal arm that can move 360 degrees freely to extract fume at the fume generation place greatly improves the fume extracting rate and guarantees operators’ health.
  • It adopts triple protection measures against fire hazard risk and large-particle molten slag inside the purifier to make the purifier enjoy longer service life, more safe, and more reliable operation.
  • Equipping with dedicated new Korean-style universal casters with brakes for easy movement and positioning of equipment
  • Consumables in the purifier enjoy stable performance and easy replacement.


Technical parameters:


Model Air volume (m3/h) Power (KW) Voltage (V/Hz) Filtering area (m2) Filtering efficiency (%) Dimension (mm) Noise dB (A) Purifying device
AT-XZ 1200D 1200 1.1 380V/50Hz 8 99.9 650*550*1250 ≤72
  • Flame retardant net
  • Protective plateMain filter element
  • Active carbon filter cotton
AT-XZ 1500D 1500 1.5 10 650*550*1250 ≤72
AT-XZ 2400D 2400 2.2 12 650*550*1250 ≤72
AT-XZ 3600D 3600 3.0 15 650*550*1250 ≤75
No. Name Specification
1 Air extracting arm Φ150*2000mm
2 Filter element Φ325*465mm
3 High-temperature resistant fume extracting hose Φ150mm