ATIG-PACIII series is fully digital models with high end DSP technology, it is suitable for both automatic application and manual welding. Compared with ATIG-PAC series, it offers advanced wave control technology which brings more flexibility for thinner /thicker material during critical aluminum welding. Smart parameters adjuestment brings cleanest, deepest penetration and perfect welding result for high welding quality demanding.

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  • Full digital inverter power source. Current increasing speed during arc  starting is greatly improved, which make beautiful aluminum welding
  • Timing function which record the working time of welding machine.
  • Tungsten electrode diameter select function, reduce the tungsten  electrode consumption during arc ignition
  • Five waveforms: standard square, Irregular square, Sine wave,  Triangle wave, Mixture wave, suitable for various workpiece thickness
  • Synchronous mutual arc feature
  • All parameters can be precisely pre-setted
  • Save and recall 30 sets of welding parameters
  • Remote control function, can adjust welding current and peak current
  • Can display current and voltage
  • MMA: adjustable arc current, arc force current, knee point voltage, hot  start current /time, easy arc starting
  • AC MMA process (optional)
  • Work with wirefeeder (Customized models)


Rated input voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50 /60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA) 13.6 25.4 34.8
Rated input current (A) 20.7 38.7 52.9
Duty cycle (40℃) 60%@315A 60%@500A 60%@630A
OCV (V)(MMA /TIG) 45/79 42/77 42/79
TIG DC TIG Output current range (A) 5-315 10-500 10-630
Pulse TIG Pulse frequency (Hz) (AC /DC) 0.2-250 /0.2-999
Peak current (A) 5-315 10-500 10-630
Base current (A) 5-315 10-500 10-630
Pulse duty cycle 15%-85%
AC TIG Wave form Square, Irregular square, Sine, Triangle, Mixture
AC frequency (Hz) 40-250
AC balance -50%~+40%
Mixture Frequency (Hz) 0.5-10
Duty cycle 15%-85%
Pre-gas /post gas (s) OFF-10 /OFF-60
Initial /final current (A) 5-315/5-315 10-500/10-500 10-630/20-630
Up-slope /down-slope (s) OFF-10 /OFF-15
Trigger mode 2/4T, Repeat, Spot
Arc ignition method HF /Contact
MMA Output current (A) 5-315 10-500 10-630
Arc force (A) 10-200
Knee-point voltage (V) 15-30
Hot start duration (s) 0.1-2
Hot start (A) 10-200
Job channels 30
Dimension (mm) 660*320*560 665*353*778 690*385*825
Weight (kg /lb) 53 /117 80 /176.6 90/198.6


ATIG315 hot wore III.jpg



Standard Equipments
  • 1 Power source
  • 1 Primary cable=3m
  • 1 Hot wire power source
  • 1 Water cooler
  • 1 Wirefeeder
  • 1 Trolley
  • 1 Wirefeeder cable=10m
  • 1 Ground cable=3m
  • 1 Hot wire ground cable=3m
  • 1 TIG torch