Visual MIG500R

Visual MIG500R

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  • LCD HMI: 7#LCD touchscreen
  • High-frequency inverter: 60kHz inverting frequency, finely managing droplet energy in  real-time, concentrated arc energy, and high arc stiffness
  • Stable arc: latest energy control solution, up to 45m pulse welding loop cable, stable  welding with low current, non-broken arc
  • Precise current: wider adaptive range of mixed gas, more precise consistency between  electrode extension length and current
  • Easy arc striking: freely switch between arc starting modes, high arc striking success rate
  • Advanced processes: It equips pulse, double pulse deep penetration, and CV welding  process modules as standard, low spatter, and other welding processes as optional.
  • Customized developing process modules according to customer requirements are available.
  • Aluminum alloy welding expert: strong oxidation film breakthrough ability of aluminum alloy  welding, strong arc directivity, even metal transfer, fine and beautiful welds appearance
  • Stable wire feeding: Newly designed twin-closed-loop wire feeding control system cooperates with a large-torque permanent magnet motor to ensure precise and stable wire feeding
  • One-key operation: save and recall 100 sets of parameters
  • Exclusive usage: Bound via IC card, exclusive usage for the nominated person, quality  control, and quality traceability


Technical Specification

Visual MIG500R
Rated input voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50 /60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA) 25
Rated input current (A) 38
Display 7#LCD (Touch screen)
Range of welding current (A) 60~500
Range of welding voltage (V) 17~39
OCV (V) 76
Duty cycle (%) 100
Full-load efficiency (%) ≥87
Wire diameter (mm) Ф1.0, Ф1.2, Ф1.4, Ф1.6
Gas flow (L/min) 10~25
Dimension (mm) 660*320*560
Weight (kg /lb) 55/121.3
Insulation class H
Protection class IP23