BY :2024-03-21

The centralized assessment (Henan zone) of the 47th World Skill Contest formally opened on 21st March. Aotai continued assisting the centralized assessment as the welding equipment assistance unit this time.

Last September, the China 2nd Vocational Skills Competition ended in Tianjin. Five contestants finally succeed in breaking out of a tight encirclement among all contestants. After being trained in Panzhihua, Weihai, and Beijing, they entered the final today’s competition. After the assessment, only one person can represent the country in competitions held in Lyon, France.


Last September, the zero-error, zero-trouble, and high-quality service guarantee of Aotai helped the skill competition, namely as the trials for the world competition and the selected welding event of the national competition ended successfully. As for assisting the centralized assessment of the world competition this time, Aotai will continue to provide support to the players with perfect guarantee services and high-quality product performance, helping them compete for their country all the way in the World Championships!