BY :2023-09-21

The 2nd Vocational Skills Competition of PRC grandly opened on September 16th. The competition is hosted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China and undertaken by Tianjin Municipal People’s Government. The competition focuses on high-quality full employment, serving the development of economic society and achieving comprehensive growth of workers, leading vast workers to improve their skill levels, raising more great craftsmen and high-skill talents, and providing a strong guarantee of talents for country building. The competition takes Becoming Talents Through Skills & Serving Country with Skills as the theme and takes Smart, Green, Safe, Characteristic as the target. The competition insists on the concepts of intelligent and intensive, fair and just, green and safe, open and share. Modern technological means are applied comprehensively to strive to host a green, smart, and safe competition with characteristics.

4045 competitors from 36 delegations around the whole country in total will chase medals in 109 events. All competitors participating in the competition represent the domestic highest skills competition level of related events because they stand out from hundreds of thousands of competitors. The competition is the comprehensive national-level competition with the highest specifications, the most events, the largest scales, the highest level, and the widest influences since the establishment of the new China. The most honored thing is that Aotai successfully won the bid to become the equipment and facilities supplier for the welding events of the World Competition Qualification Competition and the National Selected Competition of this year’s competition after passing through strict selection round by round. 


The grand opening ceremony of the competition


Aotai provides the welding events of the competition with self-developed, full-digital, net-based, intelligent welding machines: AMIG-350Pro Plus and ATIG-400PAC Plus.


The computing time of the power source system of AMIG-350Pro Plus is nano-second level, which can realize precise control of the welding process. Meanwhile, the system enjoys a super high dynamic responding speed for which the welding performance is outstanding. It equips abundant welding process modes and a welding material database that supports customized development. The open programmable platform makes it available to be designed and developed by customers according to their actual needs. It also equips a 4G/5G/WiFi module to realize data exchange with the group control system through a mobile network so as to achieve remote program upgrading.

ATIG-400PAC Plus is an inverter-type digital multi-process TIG welding machine that can realize MMA, DC CC TIG, DC pulse TIG, AC CC TIG, AC pulse TIG, and so on, which can be applied in high-quality welding of carbon steel, copper, titanium, aluminum, aluminium-magnesium alloy, and many other materials.


Competition site of welding events


Welding workpiece


Women do not lose to men

The only female welder in the welding events 


Aotai staff are on standby throughout the entire process and actively cooperate with competition referees and competitors to ensure the competition will run smoothly.


Aotai booth set in the competition site

Successfully winning the bid to become the equipment supplier for the competition this time shows not only the rock-like quality but also the lead welding performance and outstanding process developing the ability of Aotai products. Aotai provides outstanding welding products as well as complete after-sale services. A professional engineering team and after-sale service team with service spirits help you solve all problems and make you worry-free. 


Welding events for the selection trials of world competitions and the selected matches of national competitions have already started. During the competition, Aotai welding products and service team will always be at the best status to escort all competitors and the competition. Last but not least, Aotai wishes all competitors good grades and the 2nd national vocational skills competition a successful end!