BY :2023-12-12

Manufacturing Indonesia 2023 was held at the Jakarta International Expo from 6 – 9 December. Aotai brought star products to participate in the exhibition.


As a manufacturing industrial exhibition with the most internationalized exhibitors and visitors in the Southeast Asia market, Manufacturing Indonesia enjoys a more than 20-year history. In terms of scale, it is the largest manufacturing exhibition in the local area and the most professional manufacturing exhibition in Indonesia. Manufacturing Indonesia is known as one of the top 20 manufacturing exhibitions in the world. Exhibits covered a wide range of machine tools, tools & hardware, and industrial automation & logistics. Aotai cooperated with the local agent to present advanced welding products and technologies to all visitors.


Aotai brought a lot of welding machines to present in the exhibition, including ATIG-315PAC, AMIG-500P PLUS, and many other heavyweight products. Especially, AMIG-500P PLUS is a star of our products and the presentation priority that Aotai prepared for the exhibition this time. AMIG-500P PLUS is a robotic MIG welding machine with advanced pulse technology, which is specially designed and manufactured for Industry 4.0 and assists customers in digitalizing their welding industries. All welding machines and advanced welding technologies presented by Aotai enjoyed great popularity and reputation among all visitors.