BY :2023-12-29

The global sales division of Shandong Aotai held the team building activity at the banquet hall on the 5th floor of The Barony Jinan East on Dec. 25th, 2023. All members of the global sales center gathered together joyously. As the year-end approaches, we gathered here to cement the friendship among team members, make a work summary for 2023, celebrate the coming of 2024, and look ahead to the performance for next year.


The words on the fire red cola were not only the milestone recording this year’s excellent achievements but also the certificate of merit for this year’s efforts of all employees. The customized colorful cake was not only the flowers celebrating this year’s outstanding achievements but also a brightly colored painting symbolizing expectations for the future. The touching video not only recorded the striving history of Aotai’s global sales division but also vividly proved that the development direction of the overseas business is correct.


Mrs. Grace Luo, the director of the global sales division, delivered the New Year’s greeting. She expressed her appreciation to all employees for their efforts in 2023 and her expectation for all members to work and live happily. In addition, Mrs. Grace emphasized the enterprise conception for SSP (Smart, Stable, Powerful Arc) of products and the promise to be responsible to all customers. Furthermore, Mrs. Grace shared all members’ efforts put into the development history of the overseas business and stories of meeting all staff and their anecdotes. All these moved us a lot, and work harder for a brighter future in 2024. At the end of the celebration ceremony, all staff sang My Future is Not a Dream hand in hand. After that, the banquet formally started. All presented members communicated with each other in a happy mood. The entire venue was shrouded in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


Last, all presented members took group photos as souvenirs at the hotel lobby to draw a full stop for the team building activity this time.