BY :2024-06-18

Shanghai New Energy Exhibition and Conference, namely SNEC PV POWER EXPO, was held from June 13th to 15th at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). This time, the event has become one of the international and professional PV events with global influence and attracted more than 3100 enterprises from 95 countries globally. As a leading global PV string inverter enterprise, Aotai brought a series of new products to participate in SNEC. Aotai’s booth was crowded with visitors, and our products enjoyed a good reputation for high quality and performance.

Hardcore products, safe and worry-free

In the context of the global energy transition, as a new, efficient, and environment-friendly energy solution, the electric power system that takes solar power storage as the core becomes a significant pillar for the energy transition. It is expanding its influence at an unprecedented speed. In response to the current development situation of solar energy storage, Aotai is committed to innovation and has brought solar power generation system solutions for different scenarios with continuously improved R&D capability and technology.

Residential single-phase on-grid solution

Aotai released the latest residential single-phase on-grid inverter with the power band from 1.5kw to 4.0kw. It equips efficient power generation, intelligent operation and maintenance, safety and reliability, and many other features to meet customers’ requirements effectively.


Brand new die-casting box case is beautiful and generous, which powerfully ensures that the product can adapt to the mounting environment with different temperatures and humidity. This model of inverter follows the trend of customers’ requirements and improves the power density to a new level. In addition, its front size is equivalent to an A4 paper.

  • Efficient power generationASP-1.5-4.0KTLS equips a super-wide MPPT voltage range from 40V to 550V (partial power). Its highest input current of MPPT is 20A and supports 200% ultra-high DC input. 50V ultra-low starting voltage enables it to enter the operation status faster and effectively prolong its on-grid powering time. Moreover, it equips built-in overall-situation MPP scanning function, which greatly improves production capacity and efficiency.
  • Intelligent operation and maintenanceASP-1.5-4.0KTLS equips intelligent control and monitoring, flexible mode, and supporting RS48/WiFi, which can realize remote update and maintenance and 24-hour all-weather monitoring. Solar power generation volume, system data, load consumption, and other kinds of data are clear at a glance. The function of updating data every ten seconds enables customers to track and locate the operation situation of products and data abnormal time more precisely.It is compatible with household charging stations and heat pumps. It can take advantage of a power storage inverter to support microgrids. When the external grid fails, it can still ensure the powering demands and safety for users in the region.
  • Safe and reliableAt the same time, improving efficiency and performance is more significant to ensure the safety and reliability of the product. ASP-1.5-4.0KTLS enjoys built-in output power control (anti-counter current), I-V curve scanning, supporting arcing protection rapid shutdown function (optional), and other safety detection and emergency protection functions. It also enjoys an IP68 rating protection against water and dust.

Intelligent power storage solution


For the exhibition this time, the single-phase/three-phase power storage inverter brought by Aotai are hybrid inverter that can be perfectly compatible with multi-kind battery. It can realize dual-way charging and discharging control and meet the requirements of PV and power storage systems. It equips a 200% PV oversizing ratio, which enables it to connect with more PV modules to ensure off-grid applications and fully charge the battery. Its power covers from 3kW to 12kW,  built-in self-generation self-usage, peak shaving and load shifting, battery first, backup power, and many other application modes. It supports the parallel connection of multiple inverters, and each of the inverters enjoys even output, outstanding stability, and a more robust carrying capacity. It is adaptive to 18A solar modules and can be adaptive to mainstream high-current solar modules on the market. 200% overloading of off-grid peak, 15s, inductive loading capacity, such as motors inside the air conditioner, water pump, and others; Its starting power is 3 to 5 times of rated power.

It adopts the design of plug-and-play and convenient mounting. The ingress protection is IP66. It integrates DC grade II lightning protection and AC grade III lightning protection. The AFCI on the DC side is optional. Intelligent control and monitoring, supporting 4G/WIFI/WIFI+LAN/CAN/RS485/Bluetooth, users can use a mobile APP to monitor the status of inverters and batteries through communication modules in real time.

Commercial and industrial on-grid solution


ASP-100/110/125KTC, the inverter for commercial and industrial PV systems, enjoys a 98.9% maximum efficiency and equips multi-circuit MPPT design, minimizes mismatch losses to the greatest extent possible, and improves flexibility of string design to provide higher power generation. In the aspect of operation and maintenance, it supports intelligent I-V diagnosis, which is capable of a one-click starting diagnosis function, conducting a comprehensive, refinement, digital-based, and intelligent management, greatly lowering the running cost.

Back with honors, the future promises

Aotai focuses on technology innovation and continues leading the industrial technology advances. At The 9th Century Photovoltaic Conference held at the same time, namely as CPC2024, Aotai was awarded PVBL2024 global distributed enterprise with the most influence thanks to brand value, product quality, technology innovation capacity, and the outstanding performance and reputation among the global PV market. This fully shows that the quality of Aotai products enjoys great affirmation from customers, as well as the acknowledgment of the brand value of Aotai.

In the future, Aotai will continue to focus on technology innovation and product development and provide global customers with efficient and reliable products and services. Aotai uses technology to change the energy structure and make unremitting endeavors to accelerate the promotion of global carbon-peaking and carbon-neutrality goals and sustainable development!