BY :2024-05-21

SAMIN 5TH ANNIVERSARY CUM BOOK OF SARAWAK FOR MARITIME INDUSTRIES 2ND EDITION AND SAMIN THEME SONG PUBLICATION CEREMONY was held at Kingwood Hotel in Sibu, Sarawak on May 3rd. Malay Aotai was invited to attend this ceremony.


The Sarawak Association of Maritime Industries (SAMIN) was established on 25th October 2018 to promote the interests of the maritime industry focused on the state of Sarawak. SAMIN represents a wide cross-section of Sarawak Shipbuilding, ship repairs (SBSR), marine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), marine product manufacturing, and maritime-related or supporting industries. SAMIN provides the foundation for the advancement and development of the maritime industry in Sarawak.


Aotai brought a series of welded workpieces and product catalogs. Especially, Aotai also brought promotional materials for AMIG500PM, the welding machine specially designed for shipbuilding. Aotai’s products and technologies enjoyed a great reputation among attendees and guests.