BY :2024-05-11

Recently, the digital promoting center announced open to the public for operation, which is committed to assisting small and medium-sized enterprises in finding products and services needed for transformation through the integrated service ecosystem. The production platform that Aotai tailor-made for Qingdao Ebara was selected as the typical case to make a presentation to all visitors.


The service provider Shandong Aotai tailor-made a welding production platform for the production line according to the production features of Qingdao Ebara, built intelligent welding process models, and improved welding quality. At present, Qingdao Ebara has 186 pieces of equipment connected to the welding system, the accuracy of the welding record list reaches 100%, and the welding quality problem has been lowered by 10%. On this basis, Qingdao Ebara saves 1 million yuan annually, and the revenue has increased by 5 million yuan. 


The digital-based transformation is both the bail-out action to help the enterprise and the key measurement to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. After a successful digital-based transformation of medium and small-size enterprises, it can not only realize lowering the cost and improving the efficiency but also speed up the development of the enterprise. Shandong Aotai will try its utmost to assist medium and small-size enterprises in achieving their digital-based transformation through advanced products and best services.