BY :2024-03-16

The Kawasaki Robotics Seminar was grandly opened on March 13th, 2024. The seminar is jointly organized by KRB Malaysia Sdn Bhd as the host and Konar Robotics Network as the event coordinator/advisor. The seminar will last for three days. Aotai Welding Malaysia was invited to participate as a Product Presenter in this seminar.

Kawasaki Robotics Seminar went on “Full Throttle” on Day#1, with an informative presentation by the VIP Speaker, Dr. Ishkandar Baharin, the President. Malaysia Robotics and Automation Association(MvRAS).


All seminar attendees, comprising Robotics System Integrators and Business Partners, were informed on current MyRAS Activities and Membership, Malaysia National Robotics Roadmap 2030, the Government’s Support to the Robotics Industry, and Finance Provision Availability for Robotics and Automation Implementation for Manufacturing industries.


After a superb networking session on Day 1, all attendees had a Robotics Training and Demo Welding by Kawasaki Robot Japan on Day 2 and Day 3. It adopts an Aotai welding machine cooperating with a Kawasaki robot to conduct welding and training in the field. In this process, the Aotai welding machine enjoyed a great reputation from all attendees thanks to its advanced welding process and outstanding welding performance. This realized the target of presenting and promoting Aotai welding products with no doubt.


In Conclusion, it was a superb robotics seminar for all attendees. All attendees were looking forward to it next time.