AT-900-W1 Automatic Carriage

AT-900-W1 Automatic Carriage

AT-900-W1 automatic welding system is a new welding equipment equips  new generation control technology and welding process control technology. It is mainly applied in all-position root welding, fill welding and cosmetic  welding for pipeline, cylinder and tank.


Features and Benefits

  • Whole set of the system adopts digital precise control method
  • It enjoys high welding efficiency and beautiful formation
  • It lowers labor intensity through the operation on handheld control box
  • Built-in expert database provides modification and recall of corresponding  welding parameters for different  operators. (Different operators have different permissions.)
  • It equips precise arc tracking function


Technical Specification

Rated input voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 1 phase,AC2200V±10%,50/60Hz
Adaptation for pipe diameter (mm) D323-D1422
Adaptation for relative air humidity ≤90%
Adjusting range of up and down, left and right for welding torch (mm) 20
Diameter of welding wire (mm) 1.0, 1.2
Weight of wire spool (kg) 5
Environmental temperature (°C) -22-55
Moving speed (mm) 2200-14200
Number of segments every group 13
Adaptation for altitude (m) 0-3500
Dimension of tractor (mm) 530*345*330
Weight of tractor (kg /lb) 15/33
Control accuracy of position (°) 1





Standard Equipments
  • 1 AMIG-350PipeLine
  • 1 Control cable assembly
  • 1 Welding cable
  • 1 Welding carriage
  • 1 Control system
  • 1 Rail
  • 1 Handheld control box