AT350M Automatic Carriage

AT350M Automatic Carriage


Features and Benefits

  • Pipeline automatic single torch welding system adopts flexible  steel-made rail that enjoys high rigidity, light weight and convenient  mobility. The welding tractor adopts the traveling method of meshing  operation of gear and rack, which enjoys high traveling precision.
  • Besides, it also enjoys a longer service life because the rack can be  replaced independently. Moreover, it adopts separated type circle  structure design to ensure quick and convenient installation
  • Welding carriage enjoys light weight, good dust prevention and convenient clamping. It adopts driving method of single gear and rack  between tractor and rail, which enjoys stable drive and high drive  precision
  • The button of the hand-held box adopts concave-convex design that has  a sense of hierarchy. And the function of button is independent, which  enjoys convenient operation and easy mastering
  • The straight weaving and angle weaving of welding torch can be  switched freely, which can realize welding of one machine multi-welding  type, so as to effectively improve the qualified rate of welding for  different welding process. In addition, the left and right position of the  small pipeline diameter single carriage welding can be switched  intelligently
  • In the process of welding circumferential travel, the welding parameters  of different position change along the variation of welding position.  Parameters of every node in circumference are all completed by  automatic control program, which can realize automatic adjustment of  welding process parameters
  • It adopts visible touch screen to set, display, adjust and save welding  parameters. It provides uploading and downloading data. The system is  able to save and recall twenty kinds of process parameters. Besides, the  adjusting interface is humanized and convenient.


Technical Specification

Input rated voltage/frequency 1 phase,AC220V±10%,50/60HZ
Applicable pipeline diameter (mm) D168–D1422
The adjustment range of welding torch (up and down, left and right) (mm) 30
Adjustment stroke of angle weaving (mm) 70
Wire diameter (mm) Ф1.0, Ф1.2
Wire spool weight (kg /lb) 5/11
Environmental temperature (°C) 40~65
Tractor travelling speed (mm/min) 0~1500
Wire feeding speed (mm/min) 0~20000
Weaving frequency (osc/min) 0~240
Applicable misalignment (mm) 3
Applicable altitude (m) 4000
Applicable relative air humidity ≤90%
Carriage dimension (mm) 490*380*255
Weight (kg /lb) 10/22
Drive method Perforation/rack drive





Standard Equipments
  • 1 AMIG-350PipeLine
  • 1 Control cable assembly
  • 1 Welding cable
  • 1 Welding carriage
  • 1 Control system
  • 1 Rail
  • 1 Handheld control box