AT Solar Info PV power station monitoring system

AT Solar Info PV power station monitoring system



Inverter management

Nobody monitoring needs, 7X24h stable running Manage grid-connected inverter, add data of newly communication net connected inverter to management system by add function, also can move current inverter data output of management system by delete function.

Real-time system monitoring

Information monitoring function real-time monitor system, display system running parameter, know system running status precisely by displayed information.

Precise data statistic

This function can make statistic history data of inverter on a certain time range, and output by Excel format Information collection and management of combiner box, DC distribution cabinet, inverter, transformer,etc.

Detailed history tracking

Take out system data in a certain time duration, and display in curve type, user can know system running efficiency

Precise design

Friendly interface,  easy to operate,  integrated power  station monitoring,  running, management,  provide better operation experience



This system includes inverter, communication network and upper computer, has advantages like high real-timeliness, high reliability, simple wiring and remote monitoring and management. With communication technology, auto-control technology, computer technology, to realize PV power station monitoring, running and management functions, provide economic, reliable and safe solution for PV power station intelligent, automating, unmanned management. This APP suits for all kinds of PV power station, provides PV integrated monitoring and running program, realize complete real-time monitoring, control and management for PV power station.

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