ATW Laser 2000



  • Simple principle: Take the focused laser beam as the  energy source and weld through the heat generated by bombarding the weldment; the surface of the workpiece is heated through the laser radiation, and then the surface heat diffuses inside through the heat conduction
  • Applicable for micro parts with micro size or poor weldability: refraction, focusing, and other optical characteristics of laser
  • Precise and outstanding weld: small diameter of laser beam
  • Specific molten pool: formed by controlling laser power, wobbling width, frequency, and other parameters
  • High-quality weld: low heat input, small welding distortion, and free from the effects of electromagnetic fields


Model ATW Laser 2000
Dimension (mm) 980*420*760
Weight (total) (kg /lb) <90 /198.4
Total power of equipment (kW) ≤7.5
Rated input voltage /frequency (V/Hz) 1 phase, AC220V±10%,50 /60Hz
Power of laser source (W) 2000
Wave length of laser source (nm) 1080
Focus length (mm) 150
Fiber length (m) 10
Wedling thickness (mm) ≤4
Welding speed range (m/min) 0.3-6
Wire feeding diameter (mm) 0.8-1.6
Material of feeding wire Equipping φ1mm stainless steel wire as standard, 1 kg in total
Shielding gas Inert gas: Argon, Nitrogen, Ar+CO2 mix
System language Chinese and English
The temperature range of operating environment -10-40°C
The humidity range of operating environment ≤85%