ATW Laser 3000L



  • The robust and safe control system, multiple safety alarms, reliable operation
  • Laser source specially for welding, better beam quality, more stable, low light attenuation, long-lasting service life
  • The laser welding torch adopts an ergonomic design, which enjoys light weight, comfortable holding feeling, and can  meet requirements for long-time welding
  • Fully digitalized design, four-roller driven wire feeding mechanism, stable wire feeding
  • Dual-temperature dual-control water cooler, segmented type  control, high-precise temperature control, ensuring the  service life of laser source and welding torch
  • Save and recall nine sets of welding parameters
  • Low heat input and small welding distortion, not affected by electromagnetic field
  • Can be applied to weld a wide range of materials, and also can be applied to join different materials
  • Can be applied to match with automation equipment and robot, to perform automated high-speed welding
  • Double wire feeding, increased welding width


Mode ATW Laser 3000L
Equipment size (mm) 1210*715*1200
Total power of equipment (kW) 15
Equipment weight (kg /lb) 300 /661.3
Weldable thickness (mm) ≤6
Power of laser device (W) 3000
Wave length of laser device (nm) 1080
Length of optical fiber (m) 10
Diameter of optical fiber (μm) 50
Power of water cooler (W) 3000
Welding speed range (mm/s) 0-120
Wire diameter (mm) 1.0-2.0
System language Chinese, English
Rated input voltage /frequency (V/Hz) 3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50 /60HZ
Temperature range of operating environment -10-40°C