K114 /K168 /K219

K114 /K168 /K219


Features and Benefits

  • The welding head travelling and wire feeding are drove by comstant  torque motor. Meanwhile, in the condition of ensuring wire feeding  stability, the encoder is equipped to keep welding stable for both  downward welding and upward welding.
  • The welding head can calculate the travelling position according to the  rotation angle, and can provide accurate position signal in the process  of all-position welding, which greatly improves the quality of all-position  welding.
  • Wire feeding angle setting device can be applied to adjust wire feeding  tip flexibly in all directions.
  • The welding head can be customized according to pipe diameter, which  is suitable for several kinds of pipe diameter, 30mm – 168mm
  • Matching with WZM400 power source


Technical Specification


Model K114 K128 K219
Application range (mm) Φ30-114 Φ60-168 Φ89-219
Welding thickness (mm) 2-8
Output current (A) 5-400
Torch rotating speed (rpm) 0.01-0.5/5
Applicable pipe forms Pipes butt welding
Applicable materials Carbon steel, stainless steel
Welding processes CC TIG, pulse TIG
Automatic wire feeding function Yes
Arc tracking Track in vertical
Horizontal oscillating travel (mm) 42
Arc length travel (mm) 42
Adaptability for generator powering Adaptable