Orbital Welding System- WTS40

Orbital Welding System- WTS40

Orbital Welding System:Developed for all position tube – tube sheet automatic welding,Compared with manual welding, more efficient, more reliable, more convenient, and more beautiful.



Features and Benefits (WZM400 Power Source):

  • Programmable automatic digital system,fine control of welding process.
  • Real-time fine tuning welding parameters on remote control box, perfect control of welding process.
  • Highly integrated design, compact structure, easy to move.
  • Functions:CC or pulse current output/Rotation control/ Wire feeding control/ Protection gas control, etc.
  • Water shortage, overheating, emergency stop and other protection functions, safe and reliable.
Features and Benefits (WTS40):
  • Small size, light weight, simple operation, zero requirement  for welder skill
  • Flexible and accurate positioning, safe and reliable
  • Closed-type welding ensures welding seam quality
  • Infinite rotation structure avoids water, power, and gas winding
  • Water cooled, high duty cycle


Technical Specification


Rated input voltage/frequency (V/Hz) 3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA) 13.5
Welding current 5~400A
Duty cycle(20℃) 400A 60%/315A 100%
Power 13.5KVA
Savable programs 60
Sections 16
Display 10 inch touch screen digital display
Main function CC or pulse current output/Rotation control/ Wire feeding control/Protection gas control/ Auto control of arc length/ Horizontal swing control, etc.
Protection/insulation class IP21S/H
Weight(no coolant) 99kg/218.2lb
Dimension (mm) 1100*600*1250
Weldable material Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy etc.
Main tube sheet connection form Flush tubes
Tube diameter (mm ) Φ16~Φ38
Tungsten electrode diameter Φ2.4
Torch rotation speed (rpm) 0.5~1.0
Tungsten electrode angle (mm) Range:Φ16~Φ28
Protection gas Argon
Cooling Water cooled
Cooling water flow (ml/min) ≥600
Weight (kg/lb) 3 /6.6
Dimension (mm) 317*86*148
Rated welding current 100A, rated duty cycle : 70%
Power source WZM-400






 User management login interface 

·User needs to enter password, modify welding standard, safe to use


 System setting interface

·Rotate speed increase

·Manual rotate speed

·Wirefeeding speed

·Inch wirefeeding speed

·Current increase

·Voltage increase


 Welding monitoring interface

·Real time monitor whole welding process

·Real time check relative welding parameter, running status, current position, welding manner, Etc


 Adjustable welding parameters interface 

·Pre-gas time

·Post gas time

·Peak current

·Base current

·Peak current time

·Wirefeeding speed

·Arc length