The HCJ series manipulators are designed and manufactured by our company adsorb advantages of similar products from domestic and overseas, and designed and manufactured according to the requirements of boilers and pressure vessels manufactures, and wind power tower welding company. This series of products can be matched with MIG and submerged arc welding welding machines manufactured by our company, also can be operated with rotator, positioner and other welding automation equipment to realize auto welding for the girth welding seam and longitudinal welding seam of workpieces. This series of products are special-purpose equipment that is needed by the manufacturing of boilers and pressure vessels, which enjoys advanced technology, reliable quality, easy operation and other advantages.


Features and Benefits

Steel-rubber wheel, with heavy bearing capacity and strong drive capacity

Apply frequency converter with high stability and reliability to realize stepless speed adjustment. With wide adjustment range, large starting torque and high precision

Special design of manual control box is easy to operate and has strong flexibility

Interface is preset for connecting manipulator and other welding equipment to combine with the welding center.

Double-motor driven, drive modes have planet-cycloid reducer and worm reduction gear

Center distance of roller can be adjusted by reserved screw holes or lead screw in order to adapt to diameter of work piece

Ruber type of wheel help to control the position of workpiece

Polyester type of wheels have longer work life and higher temperature resistance

Can work with applications when workpiece should be preheated before and during welding


Technical Specification

Model Load capacity (t) Wheel diameter x width (mm) Applicable cylinder diameter range (mm) Motor power (Kw) Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) Linear speed (m/h) Speed adjustment method
HGK5 5 ф270X120 Ф250-ф1800 2X0.37 Power: 1260x725x530Idler: 1260x280x530 6-60 Stepless frequency conversion
HGK10 10 ф270X120 ф300-ф3500 2X0.37 Power: 1760x725x530Idler: 1760x280x530
HGK20 20 ф300X140 Ф350-ф4000 2X0.75 Power: 2000x540x610Idler: 2000x380x610
HGK30 30 ф350X180 Ф350-ф4000 2X1.1 Power: 3200x700x650Idler: 2400x500x650
HGK40 40 ф400X200 ф600-ф4200 2X1.1 Power: 3000x650x720Idler: 2600x500x720
HGK50 50 ф400X200 Ф850-ф5000 2X1.5 Power: 3000x670x720Idler: 2600x520x720
HGK60 60 ф450X200 Ф850-ф5000 2X1.5 Power: 3350x720x770Idler: 3000x530x770
HGK80 80 Ф450X240 Ф850-ф5000 2X2.2 Power: 3500x750x800Idler: 3500x550x800
HGK100 100 ф500X240 Ф1000-ф5500 2X3 Power: 3850x870x930Idler: 3600x600x930
1. The above are the main technical parameters of standard models, as for the adjustable rotator whose load capacity is over 100 tons, please contact us for detailed information2. The wheel of rotator is made of polyurethane or steel and rubber