BY :2023-10-10

Renewable Energy India Expo 2023 (REI for short) was held at INDIA EXPO CENTRE from Oct. 4th to Oct. 6th. Aotai attaches great importance to REI this time. To seize the opportunity and get better results, all the elite of Aotai India came to the REI and brought all the best-selling products. As a populous country and the largest country in South Asia, India is gradually becoming a super huge PV market coupled with the support of policies released by the government for PV development. All global PV giants have emphasized the Indian market and attended the REI 2023.


As a leading manufacturer of inverter machines, the main products of AOTAI Electric reflect the development level of cutting-edge technology in this field in China. With a strong R&D team, AOTAI has a National R&D testing laboratory and has achieved over 300 patents. Its solar inverter won the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2016. AOTAI grid-tied solar inverters have been widely used at residential and C&I rooftop projects, with total installation over 20GW. Strict quality control, a 24/7 service guarantee, and a reliable support policy greatly ensure the benefits of Aotai’s global partners.

As a rising star, the energy storage inverters earned more attention from visitors than other solar inverters presented in the REI 2023. Aotai brought its own energy storage inverter – AEP-3KS/3K6S/4KS/4K6S/5KS/6KS48P. As an integrated type energy-storage inverter, it enjoys extremely convenient mounting and safe operation. Its charging and discharging current can reach 120A, and off-grid peak power can reach twice its rate (15s). In addition, its IP65 class protection makes it adapt to various severe scenarios. At the same time, the on-grid inverters of Aotai also enjoy great popularity. ASP-3/4/5/6/8/10KTLD single-phase twin-string inverter is the first choice for residential, small industrial, and business pv. Its components-level I-V curve scanning function, precise and robust MPPT performance, and 99.9% MPPT efficiency make it enjoy a great reputation. Furthermore, another popular model – ASP-15/17/20/23/25/28KTLC, is designed for residential, small-size industrial and business, and poverty-alleviation power stations. Its maximum converting efficiency can reach up to 98.8%, the input current of a single string is improved to 30A, and voltage is improved to 1100V. It also enjoys robust support of weak grids, which makes on-grid operation stable.


At REI 2023, the Aotai booth was crowded with new and old friends. Many new friends made appointments to have factory tours of the Aotai solar manufacturing base. Even the crowded Aotai booth attracted local media to have an interview with the Aotai manager. To sum up, Aotai has achieved far better than expected results for attending REI 2023 this time. It laid a good foundation for the development of the Aotai solar inverter in the Indian market.