BY :2023-10-09

Shandong Aotai held the seminar and solar product launch before REI 2023 on September 22. The seminar is organized by Solar Trade, which not only aims to introduce new solar inverter products but also enhance the cooperation between Aotai and Solar Trade and work for a better result in India’s solar inverter market. This time, Aotai launched new solar inverter products. There is no doubt that grid-tie and hybrid inverter play leading roles in the seminar. These solar inverters will not only be present in REI 2023 but also the main-force product in the Indian solar inverter market. Meanwhile, all present guests had better knowledge about Aotai, a company with 30 years of history and whose presence is in 128 countries and regions. In addition, more than 300 patents owned by Aotai will help Aotai get good development in the solar inverters industry and assist Aotai solar inverter expanding market share in India step by step. All presented guests had a joyous gathering. They not only gave their best wishes for the cooperation between Aotai and Solar Trade but also had good outlooks for Aotai solar inverters in the Indian market. Last but not least, I wish Aotai every success in attending REI 2023 !