BY :2024-04-23

The 6th Academic Seminar of Youth Workers of China Machinery Engineering Association Welding Branch was held from April 19th to 21st in Jinan. This seminar is hosted by the China Machinery Engineering Association Welding Branch and Shandong University, organized by School of Materials Science & Engineering of Shandong University, State Key Laboratory of Precision Welding & Joining of Materials and Structures of Harbin University, and Shandong Province Association of Special Equipment, co-organized by Harbin Welding Institute Limited Company, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beihang University, Shandong Aotai Electricity Co., Ltd, and others.

The seminar takes Green, Intelligent, and Digitalized Welding, Assisting the Construction of a Strong Manufacturing Country as the theme. More than 400 experts in the aspect of welding attended the seminar this time, who are from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Shandong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beihang University, Beijing University Of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, and other units and universities.


During meeting, Aotai had a technical communication booth to show brand new generation intelligent welding power source Pro-series and ASMT additive material manufacturing equipment.


The programming and quality diagnosing and analyzing software of welding power sources developed for researchers of universities provide an open platform for grand research scholars, who can develop a process by themselves on the Pro-series power source according to their different research directions.

The experts and scholars who attended the seminar conducted technical visits and investigations towards the R&D and production base of Aotai on the 21st. During visiting, experts and scholars were greatly interested in the latest R&D technology and processes of Aotai. At the same time, they hoped to strengthen the communication between universities and enterprises, improve green, intelligent, and digital development of the welding industry, and assist the construction of a strong manufacturing country.


As for Aotai, it is a great glory to co-organize the seminar this time. From start to end, Aotai intends to research and innovate green, intelligent, and digital welding processes. In recent years, Aotai has successively launched super-short arc pulse, constant welding penetration, root welding, super-low spatter, Pro, ASMT temperature control welding, and other welding processes. Also, Aotai always considers assisting talent raise and driving industrial progress as the inescapable responsibility of the enterprise. Aotai hopes to cooperate with more colleges and universities, and enterprises in the future to contribute to the revitalization and development of the national advanced manufacturing industry together.