BY :2023-11-10

The National Industry Vocational Skills Competition in 2023, namely the 16th National Engineering Construction System Vocational Skills Competition, was held from Nov. 5 to 9. The competition was hosted by China Engineering Construction Welding Association and China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center together and undertaken by Sinopec Fourth Construction Co., Ltd. and the education and training center of Sinopec Engineering(Group) Co., Ltd. A total of 187 participants from 67 teams representing enterprises and colleges from various industries and areas across the country participated in the competition. Among them, 44 representative teams joined the welder competition, and 23 representative teams joined the NDT Welding Inspector competition. As the welding equipment sponsoring unit, Aotai honorably assists the competition. This is the 14 time that Aotai has assisted continuously in the National Engineering Construction System Vocational Skills Competition. 

The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the competition was held on the morning of Nov. 5th at Sinopec Fourth Construction Company. Liu Jingfeng, the party branch secretary and standing vice president of the association, hosted the opening ceremony. Other distinguished leaders separately reported or introduced the competition preparation status and delivered speeches on the competition.


The opening ceremony of the competition

The Competition Site


Participants competed by using Aotai full digital welding machine – ATIG-400Plus 

Aotai Booth

During the competition, the main welding processes were presented at the Aotai booth:

1. Aotai temperature-control welding process: ASMT, adopted machine model: full digital GMAW arc welding machine – ASMT-500R

  • Low and controllable heat input, especially suitable to weld temperature-sensitive materials such as aluminum alloy
  • Greatly reducing the occurrence of welding defects and porosity
  • Can realize threading the welding wire with one click, which equips the function to prevent the contact tip from burning
  • Can realize free combination between different welding processes through composite process
  • Application areas: new-energy automobile manufacture, wear-resist cladding, aeronautics and astronautics, additive manufacture, and so on

2. Twin-wire single arc GMAW process: adopted machine model – full digital GMAW arc welding machine, AMIG-630RP Plus

  • Capable of conducting a full-penetration welding process to box beam of steel fabrication
  • Expand the welding current to 600-700A, and the welding efficiency is about 50% improved than that of single-wire welding
  • Capable of realizing full-penetration welding
  • Lowering the labor intensity of welders and saving labor cost
  • Application areas: steel fabrication, engineering mechanism, coal mining machinery, power iron tower, and other medium and thick palates welding industry

Distinguished leaders visited Aotai booth


Standing vice president of association visited Aotai booth


The chief referee visited the Aotai booth



The Technical Salon


The Cutting-edge Welding Technology Salon was held on the afternoon of Nov. 8th. Li Peng, the general manager of Aotai R&D Center, delivered a speech named Advanced Welding Technology and Intelligent Welding System. He expounded comprehensively on the latest technical results and product performance of Aotai at present from four aspects: intelligent welding power source, efficient welding process, machine vision intelligent welding system, and intelligent welding cloud system.


The Night of Aotai

The Night of Aotai was grandly opened on the night of Nov. 8th. The evening banquet took To Original Heart, Start New Journey, Strive at Age of Thirty, Create Beauty Together as the theme to warmly celebrate the 30th anniversary of the competition created by the China Engineering Construction Welding Association. The leaders of the host party and organizer party, industry experts, referees, team leaders, and contestants of this year’s competition attended the banquet, and everyone raised a glass to celebrate the complete success of the competition.


At the beginning of the banquet, the standing vice president of the association delivered a brilliant speech. She said: “The competition is held successfully, fairly, just, safely, and smoothly own to everyone’s joint effort. Also, the competition successfully reached the dual-zero target – zero accidents and zero complaints. Thank you all for your hard work in the competition.”


The vice general manager of Aotai company, Zhang Xiushan, expressed her thanks to all the guests for attending The Night of Aotai. She also congratulated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the association competition. From now on, Aotai will continue to make contributions to raise skilled talents and the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry for the country with the association and with colleagues in the industry.


The Closing Ceremony

The competition closed successfully on the morning of Nov. 9th.


Zhang Xiushan, the vice general manager, presented awards to the award-winning groups of vocational welders.


Li Jianjun, the chief referee, presented awards to the support unit including Aotai

The competition provides the stage for technical talents to show their excellent skills and exchange techniques with each other, which plays a positive role in strengthening the team of high-skill technical talents and promoting high-quality development of engineering construction.


Aotai has served as a support unit for the competition for fourteen consecutive times in the thirty years since the competition was held. This plays a very significant promotion effect in expanding the brand influence and the market for Aotai. Meanwhile, the comments and suggestions reflected from all aspects, including associations, experts, and participants during competition, all have become valuable wealth for improving products and technologies. From now on, Aotai, the association, and colleagues from all industries and colleges of national engineering construction will step forward hand in hand to create a shining future for the national manufacturing industry.