BY :2023-11-27


The ARC CUP international welding competition, namely the 2023 2nd national welding industry skill competition, is one of the significant competitions of the 7th Session of the 2023 Belt&Road and BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition. This competition grandly opened at Inner Mongolia Technical College of Mechanics & Electrics on 19th November. The competition united with more than 30 domestic and overseas welding organizations, including the International Institution of Welding (IIW). Almost 300 contestants from China, Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, and other countries gathered together and competed in six major events. In addition, the strong joining of the national II class competition makes the competition enjoy brand new improvement on the strength of events. Shandong Aotai was honorably selected as the sponsoring unit for assisting the competition.


Opening ceremony 


Contestants from all over the world were using Aotai welding equipment for competition

So far, Aotai all-digital welding equipment has already realized nano-second computing and escorts the competition through the efficient welding process, brand-new welding technology, and good welding quality. As the designated welding equipment, the Aotai gas shielded welding machine – AMIG-350Pro Plus, manual TIG welding machine – ATIG-400P Plus, aluminum alloy welding machine – AMIG-500Plus, assisted every welding master in showcasing their skills in the competition.


The lecture hall of Belt&Road, namely BRICS Skill Development And Technical Innovation — the 13th Asia Welding Technology And Application Forum, namely Welding And Additive Manufacture Technology And Skill Expert Lecture, was held on the afternoon of the 23rd. Li Zhuliang, the manager of the Aotai process development department, made a report named Advanced Welding Technology and Intelligent Welding System and introduced Aotai’s newest technology achievement and product performance.


The competition came to a successful close on the morning of the 24th. Aotai was honorably awarded the Competition Support Prize.


The successful holding of the competition builds a good international communication and cooperation platform for the welding skills development of every country, skills innovation, competition, and the growth of high-quality talented craftsmen. Aotai’s full-digital welding power sources were highly recognized by contestants from worldwide, referees, and the organizing committee because of their excellent performance in the competition this time. At the same time as perfecting manual welding, the Aotai intelligent welding system and process also boomed well. Aotai insists on the strategic objective of taking the domestic market as the base and then looking forward to the worldwide market. At the same time as maintaining domestic technical leading advantages, Aotai constantly closes the gap between us and international advanced technologies and processes. Aotai will make unremitting efforts to promote China’s welding industry to the world!